Arshiner Kids Solar Electronics Discovery Kit DIY Educational Toy

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Let your little one have fun learning to build circuits with these colorful parts.
The projects in the manual start off basic and gradually become more complicated but not overly so.
Introduce kids to basic electronics, cool experiments and electrical circuits. Makes kids imagination go free with creativity.

Material: ABS Plastic and Brass button
Age: 8 Years and Up
Package Size: 50 x 36 x 5.3cm/19.5 x 14.04 x 2.1inch(L x W x H)
3 Kinds of power supply: Battery, hand generator and solar panels
Requirements: 2 AA batteries of 1.5V/Chargeable batteries of 1.2V (Not Included)

About Solar Cell Box:
1. Put solar cell box under the sunshine or an incandescent lamp of more than 100 W. Switch on, the lamp goes on. For the convenience of observation, flexible wires can be used for connection.
2. Put the solar car in the sun or incandescent lamp above 100 W, the car will run forward, If you change the polarity of the solar batteries pack 39, the direction of the car can also be changed.

  • Build over 10000 projects with 43 parts, all of the parts have colored graphics that represent their real electronic names and symbols, make real working circuits, improve hands-on ability of your child.
  • You can build a radio, doorbell, burglar alarm, electric fans, flying saucer and more. The Electronic Discovery Kit is with integrated circuits (chip) so kids can set it up to play music.
  • Make interesting circuits, teaches your kids about electricity through the actual experiment. This product complies with safety standards EN 71, safe for your kid to play.
  • Understand the boring principle of electrical, acoustics, optics and magnetism with the funny educational toy, great gift for your kids to learn the science and physical.
  • Includes a car, you can build all kinds of circuit with it. Also includes full-color manual with easy to follow instructions and simple directions for each project.
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